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Open letter to Dumiso Dabengwa

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Sir - Why do you chefs think you are more equal than us?

On November 8 2006 at around 9.40 am, you personally appeared at the Scoop ice -cream shop (the outside sitting area) at Avondale shopping centre.On one of the tables was a Mr Chiseko, a Commissioner of Oaths who provides his services in this area. I don't know why he conducts his business at this spot, and not in an office.

You wanted to certify a national ID card. And you didn't have the original copy of that document. Chiseko asked for the original document and you told him to just certify the document saying to him "Ndini ndakakupa masimba ebasa irori sakachingondiitira". (I'm the one who gave you the powers that go with this job, so just do it for me.)

Chiseko then certified the document without you providing the original. You then walked away without paying for the service, but then came back and said "Ah, rega ndikupe something" (oh let me just give you something) and gave him a Z$100 note.

I was sitting at the opposite table only about one metre from Chiseko. Please note:

* It's not you who gave him the powers to be Commissioner of Oaths. It's us the citizens of Zimbabwe who gave him the power because you are working for us. Stop taking your (former) ministry job as if it's your family business.

* What kind of a leader are you? You publicly go corrupt and exercise your so called powers unnecessarily. Stop breaking the rules and regulations that you put into place. You should lead by good example.

* Did you give Chiseko the powers to certify documents without showing the originals?

* Why did you go to a Commissioner of oaths who operates in the backyard?

You gave me the impression that the document is somehow not legitimate.

I caught you red-handed. Munanyara. (you should be ashamed.)

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