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The man (Webster Goredema) tormenting me could be a ZANUPF CIO or a sponsored hater

image Webster Goredema

Initially I suspected the man who is tormenting me on facebook to be a ZANUPF CIO,spy or staunch supporter .Why? I have had so much experience with ZANUPF CIO's and the way they approach me is similar.

I usually tell by the way they respond to threads I raise and how they comment and also through messages from reliable sources in Zimbabwe.After I give the suspicious people time to showcase their intentions it becomes more and more clear that they are not visiting my wall in good faith but they do visit to cause unnecessary commotion so as to silence me or destroy.Of course some of my sponsored haters also visit to cause commotion but with sponsored ZANUPF CIO's their approach is very obvious.

I have also had a lot of disturbing experiences where some people are sponsored to visit my wall to harass and terrorise me for various reasons.


Webster Goredema :The man tormenting me.

However, Webster Goredema the weird evil man who I am taking about approached me like a ZANUPF CIO and as I wondered why he was so much focusing on me and writing provocative comments,typical of them,I received an inbox message from a facebook user with a thread where Webster had liked.The thread was written by a ZAPU official and posted on her wall. It then dawned on me that ,that could be the reason why this evil man was tormenting me.The thread that he liked was written by a ZAPU official who is my well known hater and of late some ZAPU officials who visit the woman's wall have been coming to torment me on my wall until I exposed their evil intentions.They have since stopped commenting on my wall.Many of the people who come to comment on my wall from the ZAPU official's wall are generally ZANU PF CIO's ,spies,supporters,or ZAPU supporters.

After I wrote  the message below on my facebook page I never expected anyone who doesn't know me to post a suspicious comment like the one posted by the suspicious evil man in dark sunglasses, Webster Goredema.Funny enough ZANUPF CIO's are well known for wearing dark glasses.It could be a mere coincidence but the truth of his visit on my wall remains the same.He is a sponsored hater who came to harass me.

I  raised the query below after an unknown person added me as a friend on facebook.It has happened several times that someone opens a fake facebook account and adds me as a friend.Leslie Gamuchirai quoted below was the latest one to open a fake profile to harass me.

I wrote the thread in question on 03 December 2010 and today is 16 December 2010 and about two weeks down the line,this evil man in dark sunglasses is still commenting on the thread ,harassing me no matter how much I tell  him to leave my wall.He also had the nerve not to bother about me blocking him because chances are he has more than one facebook account .Usually they open more than one facebook account to torment and harrass me and I wouldn't be surprised that this Webster Goredema is the Leslie Gamuchirai who opened the face book account that made me to raise this query.Of late some MDC supporters have tormented me for criticising MDC and chances are he sould be an MDC supporter too but I am somehow convinced that he is a ZANUPF CIO.

The thread I posted and the tormentor's comments.

"LESLIE GAMUCHIRAI why did you just open that facebook account to add Viomak as your friend meaning it is the two of us now who are friends.I have taken the risk,and have accepted your ghost friendship.Please if you know me inbox me and let me know,or else I will end up treating you like Garikai Tsvangirai and Hatinyari Isu Kufirakureva ,and many others who are opening fake facebook profiles to harass me and spy on me.Don't be like a witch at night.Just be who you are and share your views openly.What have I really done to you that makes you waste your energy and time creating fake facebook profiles to spy on me?I am not all that important to deserve spies.Just be yourself.Am getting fed up of this evil and WITCHY behaviour.Munoroya nepainternet."

Webster Goredema @ Vio u r always talking of being spied wot do u really ave that deserves spying? i think u r jst getting paranoid
Viomak I will block you hanzvadzi as I no longer tolerate people of your calibre.So behave or you are gone to the rubbish bin where I have sent some people of your calibre.
Webster Goredema  Vio u can block me i am not the first one n not the last one to be blocked, but at the end of the day u will ave no one left except those who fear questioning u
Viomak Really.That's how you ask questions.I think you are an ignorant bastard .
Webster Goredema well i cant deny your thinking at least its not wot u knw
Viomak ?@ Webster Goredema .Exactly .That's why I didn't deny your thinking too that I am just getting paranoid.At least it's not what you know too since you don't know who is spying on me and who is not.
Webster Goredema This is a social network pple support or oppose wot pple say, so if u ddn deny my thinking were did the blocking came from? Am not saying don block me its ur wall u do wotever u feel like doing n life goes on.
Viomak ?@ Webster .When people oppose like ignorant bastards I think of blocking because I can't stand ignorant bastards as they can't handle civilised discussions.
Webster Goredema a civilised discussion is were pple cn oppose u or support u, but if pple oppose u and u block them then u r not civilised, it means u r not open to discussion coz all u expect is pple to go along with wot u say all the time which is not right. wen pple oppose u it doesent mean they are rejecting u but they r not jst agreeing to wot u r saying,so don feel rejected.
Viomak Sorry tolerate those who terrorise and harrass you yourself.Who is stopping you? I have the right to choose who I associate with and I don't need your silly lessons.I know very well what to tolerate and what not to tolerate.There's nothing ...you can teach me about that and tolerance and please respect my choice.I don't need your unhelpful lessons.Asi zvekusupporter vanhu venyu vekuZAPU zvanetsa kani.Why are you so much interested in me.Please don't waste your time on me.Concentrate on your life and those you support.Why are you so much into Viomak?
Webster Goredema Sry like i said u r ignorent and retarded. I am not a zapu supporter wot makes u think that? 4 ur own info, 4 me there is no any zim party worth supporting, handina nguva yematuzvi ini-vanzwa? If u ave prblms with zapu they r there confront them don jst assume that anyone opposing ur sick ideas is zapu, for assumption is the mother of al fuck ups. Thats an insult to label me zapu, think b4 u write not the other way, u need to grw up
Viomak Where did I say you a zapu supporter?You are the retard and ignorant bastard who is not able to understand simple statements

I said "Asi zvekusupporter vanhu venyu vekuZAPU zvanetsa kani." and "Variko kuzapu uko kwamunoswera muchiita like zv...avanotaura."

Where does it say you support zapu?That means there are people who support zapu who you support and whose comments you like. Unongoti zidzoro rakazara mvura.Evil bastard.Don't you think I don't know where you like your comments.In any case you are very ignorant and foolish you don't even know how to hide the reason for your presence here.It's so obvious you are here with a 'hidden' agenda which you failed to hide.Evil bastard.Kuita kunge muroyi kuramba uchiteera munhu asingadi nezvako. Satan and liar.

Below is where you LIKE kumazapu.Someone inboxed me this after he saw you pursuing me.So go away and stay there and stop tormenting me.

Barbara Nyagomo "Our worst fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. Your playing small doesn't serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are born to manifest the glory of God within us. As we are liberated fr...
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November 29 at 11:34pm
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Webster Goredema Vio i ave got nothing to hide if i like smthing wy shld i hide it. Moreover if i hide it u wont ave things to copy n paste to ur wal. If u write smthin sensible i like trust me i wont hesitate to hit the like button
Viomak Haiwawo munoti handiziyi maitiro enyu here.Just know that I have exposed you.You come here to tell me that " Vio u r always talking of being spied wot do u really ave that deserves spying? i think u r jst getting paranoid".

Ok I don't deserv...e to be spied on.I am not sensible.You don't even know me and what happens in my life but you rush to write such a comment that all sensible people will see you are just an evil someone with an agenda. You will die running after wind as you try to take away what is mine.You won't change anything.I am Viomak and will remain who I am and what I am.Haunyari kuitira Viomak jerasi kudaro.Ndiro basa renyu zvimadevils zvinobva kuwall ikoko.Go and like there and get off my wall.Pfungwa dzeuroyi.Move off my wall now.Satan.
Webster Goredema Look nw u cant even finish a statement without insulting or calling names.Like i said b4 this is a social network if u don want me to coment on ur wall u knw wot to do
Vio Mak You are getting back what you started.Yes I have the right to insult you if you insult me.I am not your wife who tolerates your abuse.I am Viomak.So I am very pleased to call you Satan.Your intention is now exposed.No weapon formed against ...me by you and your friends will prosper.I never did anything wrong to you and you know that very well.So bye, good riddance of bad rubbish.

You don't add any value in my life.In any case I don't even know who you are except for the fact that you are one of the rascals interested in me.Go back to hell where you are coming from.I will be blocking you shortly fool and know that you have been exposed.
Webster Goredema U avent exposed anythin of me for i ave nothing to fear. B4 i ddn understand wen they said empty vessel make a lot of noise bt nw i do. I cant say u nt educated, cant say u r arrogant, cant say u r civilised either, cant even find the right... word 4 u bt uri mbudzi cn best suit u, i think hauna kuzvarwa vakasvinwa pamota.Mukadzi mukuru vepi asinganyari kuda kutizodza mweya yakaipa haivavo tibvire kumhepo. True u r not my wife and u cant be wife coz my wife has got manners after all u don ave the qualities

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