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The MDC-T monster harassing me for asking MDC leaders to declare personal assets

image Tatenda Praise Muhle

When I spearheaded the campaign to have MDC leaders declare their personal assets,little did I know that some MDC thugs will terrorise and harass me over the issue.Tatenda Praise Muhle unknown to me as he started commenting on my facebook wall yesterday after I put up a thread about MDC leaders declaring their assets, is working hard on destroying me over the issue.

One wonders why some Zimbabwe political party supporters have developed into monsters who are not willing to respect other people's views no matter how good the views are.As long as they feel that one's views negatively impact on their political parties they fight very hard to silence all voices of reason.The reason why it is important for MDC leaders to declare their personal assets are simple and straightforward.But why are some of the supporters so much against it?

Zimbabwe is what it is now because of corruption too.Initially I thought this MDC thug Tatenda Praise didn't undestand the effects of corruptuon and I took my time educating him and even pasted an internet link explaining why it is important for Government leaders to declare their assets.He never bothered to pursue the issue but instead continued on harassing me.What is it really that MDC is hiding from us citizens that has made them see declaring assets as a nonsensical  taboo?Are they breeding crooks and thieves like ZANUPF Ignatius Chombo whose stolen riches if sold, are enough to eradicate hunger in Mutare ?

As Tatenda Praise Muhle continued  harassing me ,even comparing my views to a "Fart", the MDC monster aligned his arguments to the unofficial party Zimbabwe Development leaders (ZIDELE/ZDL) that I am forming.His comments left me wondering if this MDC monster is really for democracy or not as their party preaches.His hatred of ZIDELE as an opposing political party in Zimbabwe is well articulated in his comments.So in addition to hating me for demanding that MDC leaders declare assets he also hates me for forming a political party.Am I not supposed to be terrorised and harassed by ZANUPF supporters many of who are well known by many of us for being the intolerant hooligans who do not tolerate different political views and opposing voices?Where is Zimbabwe heading to as a country that has suffered enough to understand the importnace of freedom of expression ?

But are these not the MDC supporters who are as I write this opinion,despising ZANUPF for bad governance and for torturing some of them as ZANUPF is on record for not respecting human rights like freedom of expression and association.

After I put up the thread below the mentioned MDC-T thug thought it was right for him to torment me for demanding that MDC leaders declare personal assets as he kept on convincing himself that I am wrong and he is right.

Like many of the MDC monsters who are ready to terrorise and harass me in the name of MDC no matter what it takes ,Tatenda Praise Muhle is ready to leave no stone unturned as he is finding every slight opportunity on my wall as an opportunity to target me, tarnish my image and silence my voice typical of some ZANUPF supporters who are actually now more tolerant on facebok than some MDC supporters as far as I am concerned .

My personal experiences with some MDC supporters on facebook have taught and convinced me that the problems in Zimbabwe will not end with the death of ZANUPF as some MDC supporters like Tatenda Praise Muhle are more evil and intolerant than ZANUPF hooligans.It is very depressing and disturbing to see that some MDC supporters have taken over as the thugs and hooligans who are always available to terrorise and harass opposing voices on the internet ,a strait  that was unique to ZANUPF hooligans.The MDC thugs like Tatenda Praise have become a big nuisance on Facebook so much that  it is becoming more and more frightening for some people to engage in political debates and discussions.They are so irritating,arrogant and intolerant so much that some of them have gotten into the habit of putting words in my mouths as they clamour to tarnish my image.

One would think that since MDC is well known for fighting against the dictatorship and evil regime of Mugabe and ZANUPF ,their supporters would understand democracy and tolerance better since some of them have suffered under Mugabe's evil regime but Alas the sugar doesn't taste as sweet as it looks and it is not as white as it should be.

As someone who is strongly against intolerant and abusive political party supporters I will not sit down and watch as MDC thugs terrorise and harass me for speaking against bad governance and bad leadership.If Zimbabweans are not careful of intolerant MDC supporters like Tatenda Praise our country will never see political peace and happiness and the democracy  that many of us are fighting for will never see the light of day.We will never taste freedom of speech in our country that has been teared apart by intolerant,thieving and incompetent ZANU PF leaders since 1980.

I have copied and pasted some of Tatenda Praise's comments that he wrote after I shared my views in a post below,

Vio Mak If Tsvangirai is paying to sue Mugabe for violating constitution he can actually divert that money to help torture victims.Now who is going to sue Tsvangirai for violating Article 3 of the MDC Constitution that captures the values of the Party; of solidarity, justice, equality, liberty, freedom, transparency, humble and obedient leadership and accountability as its core founding values?NO ASSETS DECLARED as promised.

Tatenda Praise Muhle No disrespect but Vio tends to concentrate on non-issues. I dont know I'm just saying. And anyway who told U that victims of violence have not been helped?

Tatenda Praise Muhle While u are pre occupied with the phanthom "Chombos" in the MDC the real Chombos in Zanu are having a field day.

Tatenda Praise Muhle Hanti mati dai Morgiza apa mari kuma victims of torture so it means kwamuri hapana akabatsirwa.

Tatenda Praise Muhle I feel U are losing è bigger picture here. You spend most of yo tym saying the MDC must declare their assets as if our lives depend on it! Aren't there other issues?

Tatenda Praise Muhle But Vio ZIDELE hanti its a people's party? So once U decide to lead a political party U then have a constituency so U cant turnaround and say "I have every right to say what I want" Ever heard any political leader say such a thing? Zvekuti "I can spend my time doing whateva I want" siyira isu è ordinary folk ana Joe Public!

Tatenda Praise Muhle Zveku ita declare assets hazvina dhiri at the moment. Vio I think U shld come visit kuno ku Zim & U wil realise that the issues U are always on about are nt important at all. Its like chasing a fart in the wind U wont get anywhere!

Tatenda Praise Muhle This is why I will support Tsvangirai despite his shortcomings. He raises matters of national interest & is in touch with è realities faced by all Zimbos young & old. Even when he errs U can see è MDC is trying. But è same cannot be said of è smaller parties.

Tatenda Praise Muhle And Vio if U are really serious abt yo project why dont U come home & sell yo party & let è people judge.

Tatenda Praise Muhle Here we go again!!!

Tatenda Praise Muhle Steady Vio we dont intend 2 torment U. Tirikungo taurawo pfungwa dzedu. U are nt being forced 2 do anythng. Its yo life and it7 yo call 2 make. Dont get cross

Tatenda Praise Muhle Aiwa Vio I have noticed how U react towards pple who dont agree with U. Like now U call me a fool but I neva insulted U.

Tatenda Praise Muhle Vio I read when U asked Collen "whats so special about yo MDC?" That question shld be directed at U coz U are always talking about them. MDC this MDC that, heee declare yo assets. Anyway if this is how ZIDELE is to be run then tichaonerera becoz intolerance yacho ma1. Anyway who am I? An ordinary Joe Public who has no "right" to tell U anythng

Tatenda Praise Muhle LOL! handina kuti Vio Mak is a fart wanga uri muenzaniso.

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