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ZANUPF Thug,CIO and Filthy liar Bongani Gumbo exposes me in falsehoods

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Eversince it was publicised that I am forming a political party www.zimbabwedevelopmentleaders.org I have not known peace on Facebook as some ZANUPF thugs among other haters ,have rounded themselves up in an effort to destroy Zimbabwe Development Leaders (ZIDELE /ZDL) before it even launches officially.

The cases of those who are harassing and terrorisng me over ZIDELE and my activism keeps growing as I share ZIDELE's people orientated principles which are unique in the sense that most of them have never been mentioned or  implemented by any known political party in Zimbabwe.Some haters are also convinced that since I am a people person who has been despising bad governance since 2001,chances are ZIDELE will be the best political party to grace Zimbabwe.

I am of course worried by the intolerance of some ZANUPF thugs and CIO's, but what worries me most is how some of them like Bongani Gumbo have gone on a lunatic spree to spread malicious lies that I am renowned Girl Child Network Worldwide (GCNW) , Child rights activist Betty Makoni's sister.I had only read about Betty Makoni's work on the internet until in late 2009 when Tare came for medical attention to Britain with the help of Girl Child Network (GCN) and Girl Child Network Worldwide .As someone who is also into charity work at www.viomakcharitymusic.com I became part of the team that helped Betty Makoni and Girl Child Network Worldwide to make sure that Tare's tumour operation was a success.

Everything went on well until Barbara Nyagomo mobilised people against Betty Makoni accusing her of channeling GCNW donated funds into a private account which later  turned out to be a malicious and false accusation.The private account was a family account which I had given Tare's family to use to receive some personal donations as some people chose to deposit some money directly into their bank account. After writing a petition against Betty Makoni ,and publicising it on facebook, Barbara Nyagomo later realised that GCNW did not transfer money into a private account.She pulled down the malicious petition and at that time she had also spread lies that I am Betty Makoni's sister.

Since then my long time haters (many of who are ZANUPF supporters and apologists) who include Bongani Gumbo have used Barbara's lies to torment me and they have embarked on unendless hateful and destructive errands to destroy me and my vision.Whenever I post updates about my work and ZIDELE they come to comment harassing me and some of them even threaten me .

The haters' network is so dangerous as they work very hard to take out all the strength and determination in me in a bid to break me down so that Mugabe will not have a musical critic who exposes his human rights abuses in songs and videos. 

Today was not a different day when ZANUPF thug and filthy liar Bongani Gumbo went on a malicious spree accusing me of being Betty Makoni's sister.This is after I updated my facebook status with a ZIDELE update below indicating that ZIDELE's president will not be immune to court proceedings.

"Vio Mak No to Presidential immunity.NO ONE is above the law.ZIDELE President is a Zimbabwean citizen who should abide by the laws of Zimbabwe and will be liable to civil or criminal proceedings in any court for crimes committed even whilst in office.This means criminal proceedings will be instituted against EVERYONE who commits a crime.So it will be very lawful to institute civil or criminal proceedings against the President"

Using a similar provocative approach typical of my other haters, Bongani started by exposing my newly found name which they use convincingly as a way of exposing me,when he said in a comment below.

Bongani Gumbo Vana Violet Makoni (Viomak), tipewo maserious. when you start using your real name then maybe we will begin to take you seriously...lol

My problem is not about my haters sharing their views no matter how foolish or ignorant their views are to me ,but my problem is about how they spread malicious lies,spreading blue lies about me and believing their lies to be the Bible truth no matter how hard I try to convince them that I am not related to Betty Makoni.One would expect that since these ZANUPF CIO's work for ZANUPF Central Intelligence at least they should be intelligent enough to figure out fact from fiction.It looks like they are used to torturing and murdering innocent souls only and they have no time for common sense.

As efforts to convince Bongani that I am not Betty Makoni's relative failed,he went ahead and posted the comments below showing how he is linked to popular ZANUPF terrorist and popular CIO Boss Didymus Mutasa and how they are targeting me because of my protest songs and human rights work.

Bongani Gumbo "Vana VIOLET MAKONI, you have been exposed, that is all. This is Zimbabwe.How do i join ZIDELE. Do you have a website.Who are in the interim structure nayi Violet Makoni.Ms President Violet Makoni "

Bongani Gumbo "Violet we have always known your name, saka do not fret.Mwana wa babamunini vaBetty.Its a family affair..lol"

Bongani Gumbo "lol Vana Violet Makoni, things like that do not scare us. we have seen worse.we withstood sanctions and god knows what else and you think writting a story about me on a website scares me lol tipewo maserious Madam Violet Makoni, President of ZIDELE, Treasurer of ZIDELE, all in one of ZIDELE. Tell me how do I join your Party nhayi Violet dear."

Bongani Gumbo "Violet Makoni, mwana wemuningina wababa vaBetty do you want me to give you more details the Tare affair. I challenge you to delete the nonsense you just posted on your webiste or iam going to write a story that will really expose you more you have five minutes"

Bongani Gumbo "Violet Makoni, mwana wemuningina wababa vaBetty do you want me to give you more details the Tare affair. I challenge you to delete the nonsense you just posted on your webiste or I am going to write a story that will really expose you more you have five minutes"

Bongani Gumbo "My apologies for suddenly droping out Violet Makoni. As you know the internet here in Zimbabwe is not like yours over there. Magetsi anombo yenda(Electricity goes). Violet Makoni,mwana wekwa Makoni, hama ya Simba Makoni and Didymus Mutasa. So my question to you is why do you hate ZANU PF so much when ZANU runs in your DNA. You are a product of ZANU and the reason you use the fake name Viomak is that you do not want to be associated with your ZANU PF kith and kin. Hukama hawugezwe nesipo setswina vasikana. Anywere we wish you well in your political endevour, just dont forget your ZANU roots Violet Makoni. I will be advising vaMutasa accordingly.Most of us are proud of our ZANU roots. The reason our attention is focused on you Violet is because of those silly internet songs you keep singing about.They go against the spirit of who you are.We have no problem with your political ambitions.Just dont denigrate our party in the process of doing so. Thank you. We will be in touch."

Bongani's comment above is quite threatening,  malicious and filthy .I would never think that any sane person would link me with ZANUPF.Ok he can link me with Betty Makoni since I am a well known supporter of Betty Makoni's work and also it has come a known stupid song that all my haters link me to anyone with a last name that starts with Mak. Scrutinising the comment further  I am disturbed why Bongani  says he is going to advise Mutasa accordingly,and what he is going to advise.He goes on to say the reason their attention is focused on me is because of my silly songs on the internet.Of course these are my songs despising Mugabe and zanupf,but he said he will be in touch soon.For what? I am asking because Didymus Mutasa is a well known inhuman ZANUPF  thug,who as  minister of National security and head of the Secret services (CIO's), masterminded the disappearance of many people in Zimbabwe.He is one of the most feared and ruthless ZANUPF leaders in Zimbabwe.Didymus Mutasa is also well known for saying "We would be better off with only six million people, with our own (ruling party) people who supported the liberation struggle. We don't want all these extra people." He said that media  asked his views about the drought,and AIDS threatening Zimbabweans lives and the exodus from the country of many Zimbabweans leaving the country. 

In September 2010 Didymus Mutasa was also quoted by media  saying ZANU PF will never handover power to MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai, even if Tsvangirai wins elections.Most likely to ruthless Didymus Mutasa no other president who is not ZANUPF will be Zimbabwe's president.

In the meantime I am waiting for Bongani Gumbo to come back to me as he promised.Since he also promised me that he will expose me more in a story if I don't delete this opinion of mine within 5 minutes ,an order that I did not adhere to ,maybe he is writing the bad publicity story.I will wait patiently for his return as I am very eager to know what Filthy lies he is bringing next.

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