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MDC MP charges are Good Nonsense Unearthed (GNU) charges

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Why is ZANU PF arresting MDC-T MPs?

It is because they are committing crime. If you ask me.On the other side ZANU PF is not arresting their own criminal leaders because they don’t want to.

If it wasn’t for ZANU PF many people would not have known that MDC like ZANU PF also has thieves, rapists, and crooks as leaders. This GNU is doing wonders. Ever since ZANU PF started unearthing the good nonsense in their political relationship with MDC it is becoming more and more apparent that Zimbabwe is politically disfigured. The political situation in Zimbabwe is severely marred and tainted. Parliament is full of irresponsible and good for nothing leaders who got to where they are now by mere coincidence. Many of them were at the wrong place at the right time. The evidence is there and it is up to you to lie to yourself. You only need common sense to believe it.

When the two parties fell in love a few months back I was strongly against their weird relationship which I thought was very unproductive and short sighted, but today I thank all those who blessed this marriage because I was never going to know that MDC is breeding cell phone thieves too. What I knew of course is that the party is also blessed with violent thugs and corrupt figures. What about rapists? I didn’t know. It is sad to know that Zimbabwean women are guaranteed of more rapes in the not so far away political era. Ask MDC MP Blessing Chebundo and his other MDC rapists. They can give you free lectures on how to rape young girls. How did ZANU PF trump up these rape charges? Nelson Chamisa and Tendai Biti know.

I am imagining of a date far away when Morgan Tsvangirai will be the president of Zimbabwe and Mavambo and ZAPU will be the opposition parties? What will then happen is during election time MDC rapists like ZANU PF rapists will be on the loose raping women for not voting for MDC. Zimbabwe is politically cursed. This is my personal imagination. I hope this is an imagination that will never come true. However, from the current state of the situation on the ground, Zimbabwe women are in for another era of election rapes. The leadership crisis in the country is heavily crippled   and you need to know the MDC people well to understand how bad it is. I know they will soon label me a ZANU PF mouthpiece (even though they know I’m not), and pile on me abusive names but the good thing is it won’t change the fact that their party is saturated with bad leaders. The truth remains the same no matter the extent of their verbal abuse. After all it is now a known fact that many of them like ZANU PF supporters are now resorting to verbal abuse to suppress freedom of expression, and the moment they read an article like this you immediately become their prey.

The other MDC–T thug I know gets paid to beat up people. I was reading on Voice of America that, “MDC sources said police in Mutare detained the MDC provincial security officer Jack Robert Saunyama, who is accused of committing public violence.” I knew the thug was an MDC supporter but never believed that he now holds a security post in the organization. I hope justice prevails. Let it be known to anyone who reads this article that if the MDC says this thug’s charges are also trumped up they will be lying again. If you know Robert Saunyama then there’s no need for you to vote for MDC-T whenever the party stands for election unless they relieve him of his duties or else you will be voting for more trouble.

Remember when Tonderai Ndira beat up MDC-M Trudy Stevenson, MDC-T people said these were trumped up charges. It’s weird that the charges are always trumped up .The good thing though is not all people believe their lies. I will briefly highlight why I know that the charges leveled against MDC leaders are not trumped up as they would like us to believe. It is given MDC is breeding violent thugs and it is up to the citizens of Zimbabwe to rise up against bad leadership as the burdens of their failures will fall squarely on our shoulders .We have the  right to say NO and refuse with our votes.

Who in Mutare doesn’t know that Robert Saunyama is a violent thug? If you don’t know him here I go. Robert Saunyama is the kind of person who is capable of committing murder that is if he hasn’t committed any. The well known MDC thug grew up in Dangamvura, Mutare. His father nicknamed Masamoosa used to sell home made samoosas as a form of survival .A well known violent man, the father used to terrorise Dangamvura residents together with his violent wife.

The son Jack Robert now MDC –T ’s provincial security officer took over from the parents and has become a fearful  thug in Mutare. They call him a Monya (feared thug) and people pay him to go and beat up their enemies. For example if someone messes up with you, you take your case to him, pay him and he beats up the culprit. I’m not sure how much he is charging these days but will follow it up. Near Nyamanhindi hotel is where the MDC Mutare terrosist resides. You only need to be insane to offer Saunyama a political post unless you don’t know him well. He is worse than the British Yobs in terms of the violent tendencies.

Ever heard of Enock Porusingazi ? The former ZANU PF Chipinge MP .There is also no much difference between Porusingazi and Masamooosa’s son. Both are township crooks who were recruited into their respective parties because of their bad behaviour. Porusingazi spent quite sometime living in Dangamvura, Mutare and he was well known for stealing from Zimbabwean women in South Africa and in Zimbabwe. After the women’s long journeys from South Africa, Enock would get down the bus at his destination and ask the bus loader to bring down TV sets on top of the bus. The TV sets were not his. So he made unending journeys to South Africa so that he can steal from these struggling women. The  dangers of recruiting leaders anyhow. Typical of African politics. What is wrong with us?  

This is how bad the political situation in Zimbabwe has become. Thugs have become political party security officers, thieves and rapists have become MP’s. Zimbabwe is politically doomed. On top of the rapists and thieves in MDC why is Tsvangirai dining with thugs? Are these MDC people not complaining that ZANU PF is a party of thugs? Like ZANU PF supporters many of the MDC supporters are so brainwashed you would think they are attending ZANU PF’s brainwashing thuggery lessons offered by Chinotimba. Does MDC ever vet who is supposed to represent them? Zimbabweans should say no to such kind of leaders. But are they able to say NO? Some of them choose to give a blind eye to politics .Some of them only come forward when they feel there is need to verbally abuse those who write articles such as this one.

Similar problems that Zimbabweans faced with ZANUPF are being faced with MDC.6 and  9 I say. The difference is the same. What is going on in Tsvangirai’s head? At times I think the MDC president is now mentally unable. Did he ever visit a brain specialist after ZANU PF police beat him? We can all assume he is well, but of late he has behaved like a person with mental difficulties so I am convinced there is immediate need for him to attend brain therapy sessions. This is how I feel. If you feel otherwise there is nothing wrong .We all view issues differently that’s why some people are more foolish than others.

Surprisingly, some media reports are saying the state just withdrew MDC minister Mahlangu’s nokia theft charges .However the MDC insisted that the charges are trumped up. Do these MDC people understand the meaning of trumped up charges? To any normal thinking being it is clear that the minister stole Chinotimba’s phone. The nokia minister also agreed that he left the room with Chinotimba’s phone without Chinotimba‘s consent. So what does this mean? If the media reports are true then why is the minister not being penalized and yet he committed a crime? If you ask me why I am not asking why ZANU PF thieving ministers are not paying for their crimes too I will tell you that this has nothing to do with why I wrote this article. Does this mean the state has let it go because they want to protect the Government of National Unity? Is it that these two parties have agreed to unearth the good nonsense charges and go on to disrespect the laws that they put in place?

Talk about lawless Zimbabwe. What are the citizens saying about it? Things have changed. What has changed? You ask different people you hear different answers and yet these people are all living in Zimbabwe. Some are choosing to lie to protect their parties whilst others are choosing not to lie to protect their parties too. Confusion. Will wait and see what happens on 12 August when the nokia theft trial starts according to other media reports. Whatever the outcome, the minister stole the cellphone. Where ever you are minister, understand that we all make mistakes .I am not a saint either so I suggest you give in and ask for forgiveness. It is only that as a leader you are expected to be cleaner than us and you are supposed to live with it or else exit power if you can’t stand the expectations.

What are we learning from all this? In Zimbabwe, leaders get away with murder, theft, rape, corruption and any other criminal activities whilst the masses carry the burden of it all. The political party supporters endorse their leaders’ bad behaviour and anyone who expresses their concern is their number one enemy. Freedom of expression is still a thing of the past. The more you tell the truth the more your enemies multiply. Like ZANU PF, the MDC has joined the bandwagon of protecting their criminal leaders. I thought the MDC was going to suspend such leaders but like ZANU PF that keeps on blaming the West for their failures, the MDC has gotten into a habit of blaming ZANU PF for their failures.

Do not be fooled into believing that the charges leveled against MDC-T MP’s are trumped up charges. I had the opportunity to liaise with many MDC people from various levels and many of them are not as good as the party portrays them. On the other hand, the party leadership is giving us the impression that ZANU PF is trumping up charges. Shame on you MDC leaders. I feel sorry for all those who believe MDC’s lies.

It pains me to be seen speaking on the same wavelength with ZANU PF, but I don’t want to be seen defending the MDC leaders who are lying just because I don’t like ZANU PF. Be warned Zimbabwe. MDC –T is infested with dangerous lice too. Refuse to be fooled into believing that many of their leaders are not as bad as ZANUPF leaders. MDC leaders are very good at defending themselves and finding lame excuses that pin down on ZANU PF. What Zimbabweans and the world need to understand is that when MDC was formed, it was formed through an unprofessional recruitment of Zimbabweans from all walks of life. From thugs to professors the party was cemented. Now the thugs are on the loose and the best the MDC counterparts are doing is protecting their own. This gives me the impression that the party was formed on some other unknown to the public principles which are not based on what Tendai Biti and others are telling us. You have the right to disagree with my views. What you don’t have is the right to verbally abuse me because my views are different from yours.

Zimbabwe is suffering a leadership crisis and the time to wake up is now or else it will be too late for regrets. Otherwise we are falling in a similar ZANUPF trap that destroyed Zimbabwe. It’s getting more frustrating as we get on. I read online that my very close relative (my late sister’s husband) who is an MDC Chairman for Manicaland has a factory of prostitutes. I am worried of course from a personal point of view and a political /professional point of view. Why does he want me to start despising him in public? He is a Zimbabwean politician and I am supposed to scrutinize him in the same way I scrutinize other politicians. I last visited his factory opposite Sakubva stadium in 2004 and he explained to me that he was building a community hall for public events. On the other side of the building was a kitchen and a small dining hall serving sadza ,maguru, matumbu and mazondo. Now he has converted the building into a brothel? Of course he has spider webs in his pants, but then I never expected that he would do this being an MP. Good leaders are supposed to lead by good example. At least that’s what society expects. We are all not perfect but society expects leaders to be ‘pure’, so why not change as soon as you become a leader or if you can’t change why not give up the post? I know you need the money but society doesn’t want bad leaders. Anyway I will talk this over with him.

The role of Zimbabwe’s courts and police remains in jeopardy status. ZANU PF leaders continue to do as they wish .The MDC leaders are tightening their belts on the broken rope and following Mugabe’s teachings as if their parties were formed by the same principles. Now and again MDC is complaining that their MP’s arrests are being engineered by ZANU PF as a scheme to sink MDC. “The arrests are intended to whittle our majority in parliament”, they are saying. I disagree with MDC. What I think is the arrests are intended to show us that MDC is similar to ZANU PF. The blessing of being neutral and non partisan. That year I knew from the word go that Pius Ncube was guilty up until he admitted publicly that he had succumbed to temptation. Some people went on and on blaming ZANU PF for brewing lies and yet it only needed common sense to figure out that the archbishop was not innocent. People should desist from leaning on political parties when analyzing issues or else their views will be overshadowed by their political stances. What MDC needs to understand is the real meaning of GNU. Yes Mugabe agreed to marry MDC so that he can expose the good nonsense that make up the majority of MDC leaders even though  the MDC doesn’t take it that way. By agreeing to join ZANU PF, MDC gave Mugabe enough dancing space to showcase his dirty dancing skills. Now the dictator is dancing so live with it MDC. You agreed to share the slippery stage  with him, so stop complaining when Mugabe steps on your ankles. You should know very well that Mugabe is a dirty dancer. These charges leveled against your party members are not trumped up. Desist from misleading the public.It is good to know that some MDC leaders are also corrupt like ZANU PF, are also thieves like ZANU PF, and are also rapists like ZANU PF.

For the first time in ZANU PF‘s history I am really grateful that the courts and police are trying hard to do a great job. It looks like criminal leaders will finally be brought to book. Even if they are targeting MDC leaders it is better than not doing anything. Half a loaf is better than nothing. I am however hoping that instead of MDC defending their criminal leaders they should actually fight hard so ZANU PF criminals can be brought to book too. There is no need for the MDC to defend their own but should accept that these charges bestowed on their leaders are not trumped up .Once they face the truth then that way they can fight lawlessness in Zimbabwe. If they keep lying to themselves that their leadership is perfect they are not only fooling themselves, but are continuing to bless lawlessness in the country. There is no need for them to work so hard to convince us that the charges are trumped up as many people know the truth already. They are just wasting their time and exposing their stupidity. ZANU PF’s agenda is to expose MDC and weed out dangerous thorns in parliament, but this doesn’t mean that the charges are trumped up because they are being exposed by an equally dirty organization. Truth is truth no matter who exposes it. Even the devil knows that Mugabe is an evil leader. That said, Mugabe is not on a campaign to weed out MDC MP’s from parliament .He is the Supreme leader now and he won’t lose anything even if he remains the only ZANU PF member in parliament. He doesn’t listen to puppets so why would he bother weeding out MDC MP’s as if he listens to their voices? However, if the rule of law had been applied to rotten ZANU PF leaders in the same way Zimbabwe would be in a better position now.

As of now the Zimbabwe parliament is deformed and infested with extremely dangerous criminals and only a handful of leaders deserve to be in there. You really need to be out of touch with MDC for you to agree that the charges placed on their leaders are trumped up. If you are in touch with MDC’s activities and you still insist that the charges are trumped up then you are choosing to face lies. The truth will set you free.Another worrying issue. According to the current laws of Zimbabwe playing music that denigrates Mugabe is a crime but one MDC MP was caught playing this type of music. He has since been released. Was he guilty or innocent according to the repressive law? I wonder. What will happen to an ordinary citizen if caught playing anti Mugabe songs? I just talked to my producer in Zimbabwe and he said it is still a crime and anyone caught will be arrested .Now the question is will everyone be released if caught? If only leaders are released then it means the law is not being applied fairly. Instead of fighting for ownership of luxury cars, why are MDC MP’s not fighting for the eradication of such oppressive laws? They are in parliament and they have the platform to fight such laws. When leaders break such laws it means they are guilty of crime like anyone else. So where are the trumped up charges here if it is unlawful to play anti Mugabe songs in Zimbabwe? So is MDC saying their MP didn’t play an anti Mugabe song? If he played the song then the charges are not trumped up.MDC is dining on the same laws that they were fighting against before GNU and as long as these laws are still in place it means they are still valid and should be respected. As soon as MDC married ZANU PF, they(MDC) should have made sure that they share a clean table by fighting such oppressive laws, but instead they chose to fight for luxury cars and ignore the same repressive laws that are making them criminals now.

Another question that quickly comes to my mind is, if these MDC leaders are serious about GNU why are they still playing anti Mugabe songs? The reasons could be many and justified to some but to me that’s being very  irresponsible. Are these political parties not supposed to have reconciled according to the chronicles of Tsvangirai. I find it awkward that Tsvangirai is preaching unity, peace and reconciliation but behind closed cars and open rallies MDC cadres are still playing anti Mugabe songs. Will this not add more cracks to their frail marriage? How will Mugabe react if he learns that his partners are still playing anti Mugabe songs? Does this mean that these MDC guys are still anti Mugabe? If they are no longer anti Mugabe what joy is there in playing anti Mugabe songs? Do they ever stop to think how Mugabe would feel once he learns that an MDC MP was playing anti Mugabe songs? Is playing anti Mugabe music healthy for their marriage? I’m sure Zimbabweans need to see more action taken by these leaders to resolve their day to day problems than waste time on unnecessary party squabbles.I think MDC needs to get real and dine with Mugabe in peace. That’s what they chose to do with GNU even if I strongly believe that it is wrong. To me playing anti Mugabe songs for people who agreed to marry and live happily ever after is completely wrong. They agreed to iron out their differences and work for the common good thus playing anti Mugabe songs is unfair to ZANU PF’s ears? How would Tsvangirai and MDC feel if ZANU PF supporters start playing anti Tsvangirai songs? Will he take it lightly considering that to him GNU means unity and not disunity?  

Taking you back to the Good Nonsense Unearthed charges. Meanwhile Trevor Saruwaka, a 34-year-old MDC MP for Mutasa Central is facing separate prosecutions for rape and assault, both of which he denies. In an interview with Observer he said,

 "There is a pattern to the prosecutions. I am one of seven MDC politicians targeted in Manicaland, the birthplace of Zimbabwean freedom leaders. If Zanu-PF kill the spirit in Manicaland they believe they can kill the spirit of all Zimbabweans. We are going to see more prosecutions. They are a sure way to kill the unity government," he said.

Now Trevor if you raped you should be arrested and spend time in jail. Trevor where is the woman, man or animal that ZANU PF is saying you raped? They are just not saying you raped from nowhere. Rape does not exist in a vacuum. It is very hard to believe that ZANU PF just came up with this rape story. Shame the devil.

After all is said, the power to shape Zimbabwe’s destiny remains with the citizens. Refuse with your vote. 

This article was written by Viomak. Viomak is a Zimbabwean protest musician and can be reached through her website.

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