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ZANUPF Murderer and Terrorist Jones Musara threatens to kill me,calls me female dog for forming a political party


A ZANUPF youth league terrorist and murderer Jones Musara who was studying in Canada and is now at the forefront of promoting ZANUPF's violence in Zimbabwe and on facebook has threatened that he will murder me if I am to go back to Zimbabwe .This is not the first time that this ZANUPF thug has threatened me .

In 2010 he wrote an article about me threatening me and I never took any public action except to save the document  .The terrorist who is well known for perpetrating violence against those who despise ZANUPF also spied on me and pretended that he wanted to work with me since he admired my human rights work

When I realised that it was not a sincere request I refused and from thereon all he does is terrorise me ,threaten me and call me names .The abuse has been going on for a very long time with him even calling me a female dog on facebook which he uses to perpetrate his violence too .

This is women abuse at its worst . And this ZANU PF Thug Jones Musara says I am Female dog..biatch ! because I am forming a political party? This is what women go through in Africa .They are called such names by wicked men ,terrorists and hooligans like Jones Musara .And this Jones Musara after spending sometime in Canada one would think that his dead brain is now functioining but No you can take an African out of the bush but you cannot take the bush out of the African so they sang .Canada was harbouring a criminal and terrorist whose evilness was hidden for sometime even though it was apparent that he had close links with ZANUPF's dreadful machinery of violence.

This evil terrorist who has been abusing me a lot on my Facebook page of late is extremely bothered that my plans to launch ZIDELE (Zimbabwe Development Leaders ) political party seem to be working well.This angered him and so he has gathered momentum.

Today after I posted on facebook that my plans to give ZIDELE a go were advancing well he got so angry and abusive saying,

" ZIDELE a one woman band ndoyandingaitira godo ndashaya zvekuita kani? Ndingaitira gogo chimbwamupengo chisina mazino chinongohukura? Ukawana nguva ukwane semari yebhazi Vio Mak.As for me, I am an ordinary member of the Zanu PF revolutionary liberation party and I am still a Youth of 27 years and I am not under any pressure.. Handisati ndagohwesa zvangu but ndirimo mubhora repolitics and handina kana pressure kunge iwe wave kutochembera uchingohukura if not kuhura sembwa yechikadzi!! Female dog..biatch!!.

You ought to be grateful kuti majority of Zimbabweans understand kuti you are a distabilized person emotionally and mentally, otherwise waitovharirwa mucage sechimbwamupengo chaicho. And when my time comes, when I get to above 40 years, you will know kuti I was dreaming real dreams that will be fulfilled in the long term. hauna support neZidele yauri kuhukura nayo iyo.No, ndaisapenga, ndairota and kurota hakurambidzwe as long as uchiziva kuti uri kurota uchazopepuka hako munhu. so, inini i knowe when to dream and when to be real. You dont!!

Handisi kukurambidza kurota kana kukambena Vio Mak.. Ndangoti ndikurume nzeve nekuti zvekutuka vanhu zvaunoita painternet ukazviita paground havasi vose vanokusiya wakadaro or vanokutuka back nemashoko. Munorohwa ambuya masikati machena zvikashaya basa..tosangana paPresidential Campaign Trail and isu vamwe tiri kukuza hedu the living national hero and living legend President R.G Mugabe tichiti bhora mugedhe, ibhola egedhini.. Plus this game is not for cry babies."

The violent thug who boasts of being close to popular ZANUPF terrorist Saviour Kasukuwere and calls himself
young and upcoming ZANUPF politician boasts of having learnt at McMaster University in Canada .I wonder what he learnt there .

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