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Protest musician Viomak criticises foreign journalists

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Commenting on a recent report by ABC's Nightline, Zimbabwean protest musician Viomak made the following remarks.

Thank you for the video. Very very sad indeed. Just don't know why Mugabe's conscience continues to mislead him. My other problem is with these journalists who show off that they are not allowed to report in Zimbabwe but they are right in the country reporting etc.

CNN 's reporters do the same ,BBC's reporters do the same.I'm sure their job ethics don't allow them to report without accreditation and I wonder now and again why they keep reporting without accreditation in Zimbabwe and even go on to say that they are not allowed to report in Zimbabwe etc. I take it to be kudheerera.

I don't know the English word. Maybe it's taking advantage of our stupidity. Their reports are very good and very true but why are they reporting without accreditation?

Only weird people will say Mugabe is a good leader but it is also very wrong to report without accreditation. In their own countries they report with accreditation but they go to Zimbabwe and report without accreditation.

Are journalism ethics supposed to be broken because someone is reporting about a bad Zimbabwean leader. Can someone please answer me the question? It's something that has been bothering me ever since and I am seriously contemplating doing a course in journalism because of this.

Again why are Zimbabwean jourmalists not reporting these sad issues on their own since they have the licences? Here in Britain you see so many British journalists reporting on issues in their country. I have not seen any foreign journalist reporting illegally in this country and showing off about it.

If there are any Zimbabwean journalists around please do your work.Report on all these sad issues and we won't need illegal foreign journalists in the country. We can't be failures through and through. We all have a responsibility to work for our country and when we come here let's appreciate the good hospitality that most of us are getting and use the opportunity to work for our country.

If there are any foreign journalists around who are not allowed to report from Zimbabwe please stop reporting without accreditation. It is wrong and even worse to brag about it. We still have to respect our work ethics even if Mugabe is a bad leader.

I know Zimbabwe is a poor country etc but this doesn't mean all our brains are poor. Let's continue to respect each other and see how best we can help to expose Mugabe's badness in legal ways. What will you say if you are arrested? Are you going to blame Mugabe or yourselves?


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