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Salad Magazine interview with Viomak


Salad Magazine interview with Viomak

1.Give us a brief history about your life and what affected it the most. For example, there must have been a situation in your life that created the compassion you have now.

Third born  in a decent  family of four,two boys ,two girls.Mum was a school teacher.Passed away 12  December 2005.Father a professional driver but last worked in 1980. Wife was taking care of her.He passed away 11 December 2006.He  followed his better half.He couldn’t  live without her.Mother took great care of the whole family and had a wonderful life.She never complained that her husband was not working.She did everything for her husband.She was a staunch Christian and NEVER beat any of us or scolded us no matter how much we erred.A very cheerful and peaceful woman she was. She was a woman of great strength ,patience determination and love.

The community around her loved her.She would give endlessly and pray unceasingly. Her father was a Reverend of St Andrews  Methodist church .He was a staunch Christian and missionary who at one time looked after Bishop Abel Muzorewa. He was happily married to a very loving Christian woman.So I grew up in a christian  family of compassionate elders.I think somehow I’m  following  their teachings,the main one being ,”You give not because you have more than enough but because someone doesn’t have enough.”

I did my primary school in Mutare.Was bright and very quiet.Was a very good dancer and won a few  dancing competitions.Played netball and sang in the school choir from grade four until grade 7.Went to Bonda high school form 1-4.I was very good at table tennis .Passed well and proceeded to Nagle House High school for my A levels.Passed well and went University of Zimbabwe.I now hold  a B.A General Degree (University of Zimbabwe), Graduate Certificate in Education (University of Zimbabwe), Diploma in Educational Foundations (University of Zimbabwe), Masters in Educational Psychology (Mt St Vincent University Canada), and am hoping to pursue Phd studies in educational psychology in October 2007 ,at Birmingham university (Britain ).

2.How did you come up with the website idea?

I take advice and criticism in whatever form.My first music producer in Canada suggested that I do a website for marketing purposes before anything else.It was not easy to set it up since I had some company do it for me.Its only through great determination that the website stands today.Thank God now I can do some updates on my own.

3.Your site has no hate at all, how do you manage that?

By God’s grace.Also I respond to guests’ views and emails sort of politely so much that in the end even the haters are left with no word of mouth.

4.What kind of works does your charity do?

I assist whoever is in need whenever I can.I donate directly to the needy  and also indirectly through other charity organisations.If need be I will be doing live shows as  another way of raising money for charity.I have donated to Mutemwa leprosy centre,Matthew Rusike Chidren’ s home and New Hope Zimbabwe.

5.How many achievements have you had?

I have had educational achievements.The greatest was when I scooped 10 A’s for my Masters of Educational psychology degree.Music achievements ,produced 2 albums on my own (backing myself).I’m a very determined person.If something has to be done I make sure it is done.Love achievements.I have one of  the most wonderful husbands in the world.A God given husband.I have no complaints at all.He’s everything that I prayed for in a husband.Hard to come by but they are there.

6.Your future with you charities, how does it look?

The future looks very dark,with more people needing help each day in Zimbabwe,and more people not wanting to part ways with their monies due to the economics hardships.Also there’s so much lack of trust and support  from other Zimbabweans and definitely this shows that I’m in for a  tough future.With emails from visitors to my website such as the one below definitely charity work in Zimbabwe by a black Zimbabwean is a very difficult project to pursue.

I received your email. Please advise how we proceed forward without being overly suspicious of one another as to intention.
7.In a society like Zimbabwe, when a woman is a public figure, she is ridiculed, especially by men, how do you counter that?

Funny enough Zimbabwean men support my cause more than women.It’s only less than five  men , who I strongly suspect to be  Zanupf CIO’s who have ridiculed me . Kwabena and Sibanda  take the trophy on this one. These comments are also on my guest book.I don’t delete them.I respect every visitor’s views.I just laugh it off respond accordingly and move on.God knows. Kwabena said to me ,” “You fool, and I dare call you one because every picture of you I see you have bleached your skin to deny your African identity, out of self-hate, and you have got the galls to talk about the liberation of our people.

You, an idol worshipper of a demonic religion called Christianity whose devotees have been nothing but plunderers and murderers.

How stupid can you be to turn yourself into a s-l-u-t, and seek to lecture on morality. Perhaps you have forgotten the trail of blood of millions of our people in the hands of those criminal white Rhodesians backing the MDC to connive with them to destroy Zimbabwe.”
Sibanda said, Like Judas Iscariot, have you loved the money you are given by whites to a point where you accept to be used like a broom against your own black people?
Have you ever thought for a moment where all other people who accepted to be used by whites before are now? (They have been dumped by the same white handlers) 

8. If you could rule Zimbabwe for one day, what would you change?

The selfishness of Zimbabweans .I will take half of  the riches from the so called rich people and share it amongst the poor.In the end no one will be rich and no one will be poor.

9.Who are the people you look up to?

God ,my mother and father ,my husband and my fans.

10.What is your greatest strength?

I love wholeheartedly and I easily forgive.

11.What is your greatest weakness?

I know I’m not perfect just like any other human being.

12. My dream

To see Zimbabweans support and  love one another.Let us build a house of stone together.

13.The most terrible time in your music career

Working with Zimbabwean journalists.Some of  them want money to get things done.I don’t pay.Some of them are very unprofessional and ignorant.



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