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The launch of Happy 82nd birthday President R.G Mugabe

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The album is an 8 track bomb sung by Viomak and consequently she also does the backing vocals on the album and the suffering of the Zimbabwean masses seems to be the core of this whole album. According to her website www.viomakcharitymusic.com

Viomak states "Failure to imagine or understand the experiences of the suffering masses in Zimbabwe prevents us from solving the problem. We therefore must imagine what our brothers and sisters are going through, have gone through and will go through. We need to suffer with them."

Going through the songs on the whole album one gets the sense that the singer (Viomak) is a woman who is ready to become a voice of the voiceless defying all the so-called secret militia of the Zimbabwean government famously known as C.I.O. who are popular for going after anyone who so much as say anything against the Zimbabwean government as a whole more worse the head of state.

In her own words she states that the album "courageously, and passionately sung by Viomak is a welcome approach in the Zimbabwean music industry that is saturated with themes that are either irresponsible or irrelevant."

The album has a lot of sing along tunes that were taken from some religious songs which, in my own opinion, is one of the strengths and most capturing characteristics of the album because as soon as one hears the melody of the music they quickly tend to listen as the tunes are popular from the religious circles and the mere fact that generally Zimbabwean people don't believe in mixing religion and politics just adds to the controversy.

That same controversy however works to her advantage as it draws people's attention by nature and content of the songs.

Ironically the album entitled Happy 82nd birthday President Mugabe (Diaspora classics 1) is going to be released same day as the birthday of the Zimbabwean president Robert .G. Mugabe and Viomak sarcastically declared "As President Mugabe celebrates his birthday, I thought of adding flavor to his special day by chanting sweet songs for him and dedicating my very first music album to him." Just listening to the album and looking at the legacy of President R.

Mugabe will give no guarantee that the message will be received as sweet by the president. Viomak also says that this album is derived from common Godly tunes so as to allow me the golden opportunity to render the burdens of my heart unto the Lord.

And according to the artist's website "As long as we neglect the welfare of the Zimbabweans who are suffering under Mugabe's evil regime, we remain as immoral as the perpetrators of our suffering." For more information please visit www.viomakcharitymusic.com and enjoy the music.

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