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Businessman guns down friend, kills self


Sources say when Steven Mapupu (55), the proprietor of Provisions Nightclub in Norton, realised that his friends were being intimate in his house, he armed himself with an Uzzi sub-machine gun and went to investigate.

He flung the door open and threatened to shoot all four.

The other three managed to escape, but Mapupu cornered Kennedy Chinyowa and shot him in the head, killing him on the spot.

According to police sources, Mapupu allegedly hosted a party on Sunday at his Number 43 Beasway Road, Sublime suburb in Norton, and invited his friends Chinyowa and Michael Muronda.

The two were accompanied by their girlfriends.

However, tragedy struck at around 1am when the two friends decided to entertain their girlfriends in one of the bedrooms.

Mapupu had instructed his caretaker, Canias Chingaona, not to allow anyone into the house.

When Mapupu realised that his friends had entered the main house, he became angry and confronted them before drawing the sub-machine gun and threatening to shoot them.

Muronda and the two girlfriends ran for dear life and managed to escape before Mapupu cornered Chinyowa and fatally shot him.

Acting Mashonaland West provincial police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Peter Zhanero yesterday confirmed the incident adding that Muronda rushed to make a report at Norton Police Station.

When police attended the scene at around 2:30am, Mapupu, who was still at his house, turned the gun on himself and shot himself once in the mouth and died on the spot.

"After realising that he had killed his friend and that police were at the scene, Mapupu pointed the gun into his mouth and shot himself," he said.


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