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Another teenager forced to have sex


The incident occurred just three days after three women kidnapped an 18-year-old Chitungwiza man before one of them raped him at the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Harare.

No arrests have been made in both cases. Yesterday Harare provincial police spokesperson, Inspector James Sabau, said the Warren Park boy was walking along Fourth Avenue at around 11:20pm.

He said an unidentified vehicle with three men inside suddenly pulled next to him. The occupants pretended to be lost and asked the boy for directions to a place in the neighbourhood.

The trio persuaded the boy to get into the car and accompany them to the place in question. The unsuspecting teen entered the car and the men drove him to a secluded spot and parked the vehicle.

A woman emerged from the darkness and the three men pulled out knives and threatened to kill the boy if he did not have sexual intercourse with her.

Fearing for his life, the teen complied and after being intimate with the woman the gang drove off and dumped him in Warren Park.

He later made a report at Warren Park Police Station. Insp Sabau said investigations were in progress and they wanted to ascertain the motive behind such cases.

It is, however, believed that the cases of rape may be linked to ritual activities. In the Chitungwiza incident, an 18-year-old man was kidnapped by three women while walking to Makoni Shopping Centre in the afternoon.

He had been sent on an errand by his boss when the women — in a cream Toyota Corolla — pulled up and forced him into the car.

They drove him to the Roman Catholic Cathedral along Harare’s Fourth Street and locked him up in a room. At around 8pm one of the women returned and forced him to be intimate with her.

The following morning the three women bundled him into their car and dumped him at Machipisa Shopping Centre after which he made a report at the local police station.


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