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Dino, Willom back together


The two who got back together three months ago had their first gig last Friday at Jazz 105, where scores of revellers turned in their numbers to see if the two still had the vibes that once brought them together. They are expecting to hold several other shows throughout the country in the next few weeks.

"We are going to move around the country this festive season and we have decided to call this tour ‘freedom train’," said Willom.

There is no doubt that the two have a lot in common. Both are upcoming musicians, they enjoy music and they have suffered the same fate.

While Dino recently suffered a heartbreak which he is still to recover from, Willom has seen his fan base disintegrating at the speed of his sound. Both musicians should have been stars in their own right and they have no one to blame but themselves.

The two were once touted as the most promising and talented musicians, but it appears they chose material things over talent. The crowd at the show was convinced that the two musicians have a lot to prove to reach the level that they set for themselves.

Watching Dino and Willom on stage on that Friday was like watching a dying breed. There was no energy on stage and revellers did not find any joy in these guys.

There was something amiss in Dino’s performance while Willom’s ragga chants did little to rev up the crowd. One thing was however certain, they need to re-strategise and see where they lost the plot.

For starters, Dino has to put the past behind him and forget that he ever dated Cecilia Dapeta and Willom needs to fine-tune his act as one could not hear the lyrics of his songs.

It could have been the microphone but how come Dino was clearer than him? The lesson we learn from these guys is that you cannot take music for granted. Fans know good music and they want value for their money.

However, it is not late for the two musicians to build their careers as they have a whole lot of new things to learn.

Thanks to an unidentified female diva who sent the crowds on its feet with cover versions including No One by Alicia Keys. A reunion for the two musicians might appear as the only way to go, but it is a mammoth task because the musicians have failed to work together even under the same management. If they manage to do that then it could be the start of new things to come.


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