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Wife catch husband having sex with neighbour


The incident happened in the suburb of Kingsdale as residents were treated to a free movie on Wednesday night when a self-styled prophet was allegedly caught by his wife having a nice time with one of his neighbours.

There was drama when the infuriated wife smashed windows of the family car in which the couple were allegedly busy making love. The incident occurred along Conolly Street at about 8 pm, in front of the house where the alleged girlfriend lives.

Neighbours who spoke on condition of anonymity, suspected said the man had taken advantage of a power cut that had plunged the area into darkness to sneak away and have a nice time with the woman.

“The man, who lives just across from here at Queensdale Avenue, has been having an affair with this woman for sometime and the wife has been trying to catch them red-handed for a while now. I saw them having sex inside the car. In fact, I went past the car a few minutes before his wife arrived and I can tell you it was shaking like it was possessed by an evil spirit,” said a neighbour.

Neighbours alleged that the wife hurled obscenities at her husband much to the amusement of onlookers.

“Hamunyari, hamuna kana kupfeka, futi murikumwa ma ARVs apa murikuwedzera futi, (you are not ashamed of yourself, you are naked, and you are also on antiretroviral treatment),” the wife is said to have screamed at her husband.

The angry woman allegedly shattered the windows on the driver’s side of the car while the lovebirds got dressed up and slipped out of the car.

The wife then reportedly went to the girlfriend’s home forcing the woman to seek refuge with neighbours as she feared for her safety.

The woman who lives at the house where the girlfriend sought refuge confirmed that she had asked her sons to accompany the woman to her home at about 11pm when she indicated that she was afraid of someone who wanted to beat her up.

“She did not give details so I cannot tell you anything more. You will have to ask her yourself,” she said.

When our correspondent caught up with the girlfriend, she denied the story.

“I don’t know what you are talking about. Someone lied to you,” she said.

But on one hand, the man confirmed that he had been caught by his wife but not with the said girlfriend.

“My car coincidentally broke down in front of a house in Conolly Street. There is a girl there who, for some reason, my wife believes is having an affair with me. When she found us there, she went berserk and smashed the windows of the car,” said the man.

He admitted that his wife had made remarks about his HIV status, but denied being HIV- positive.

“She was just angry, I am not HIV-positive. We have talked the matter over and have already made up,” he said.

His wife could, however, not be reached for comment.

The car was towed to a garage just before the arrival of the newscrew yesterday morning.


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