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Minister Mahlangu's threesome in hotel


The deputy minister had sex with both women after smuggling them into the hotel with the help of security at the five-star hotel.

The deputy minister was booked into a singles room, magistrates court heard in the ongoing trial of the deputy minister on charges of stealing a cellphone.

Detective Inspector Henry Dowa stunned the court as he made the scurrilous allegations, seeking to substantiate his claims that the minister was not of decorous behaviour and insisting that he stole Joseph Chinotimba’s cellphone.

Mahlangu was said to have called the two for night of freaking from Hwange where they travelled 24 hours, leaving Hwange at 1pm and getting to Harare the following day.

The deputy minister, said to have an affinity for prostitutes, is said to have proposed love to the woman, Geraldine Phiri, at some youth forum. “During investigations, the first accused (Geraldine Phiri) told me that she had met the third accused (Mahlangu) at a youth forum. She also told me that he had proposed love to her and they had exchanged numbers.

“Phiri told me that she contacted Mahlangu on July 16 this year telling him that she was coming to Harare together with her friend,” he said.

“They also said they found transport from Hwange at around 1 pm and arrived in Harare around 1 am. When they arrived, they called Mahlangu who made arrangements with the hotel security to ease their way into his hotel room,” he said.


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