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Rowdy ZAPU-Europe official Martin Chinyanga Da William targets Viomak

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A rogue ZAPU-Europe official Martin Chinyanga Da William who has decided to represent ZANU PF Mugabe in the UK by terrorising anti-Mugabe singer, freedom of expression campaigner ,human rights defender and aspiring woman president Viomak is not looking back.

In a move that left Viomak tongue tied Martin Chinyanga who is campaigning for Barbara Nyagomo to be Zimbabwe's woman president,and is said to be her manager also called for Viomak to be deported to Zimbabwe sometime back.As he continues to publicly put the name of his party into disrepute he has become a well known evil terrorist who uses every opportunity available to him to tarnish Viomak’s image so as to silence her and kill her dreams of becoming Zimbabwe's woman president as she is in the middle of forming a political party Zimbabwe Development Leaders (ZIDELE/ZDL).

Some close sources have indicated that Martin Da William Chinyanga could have been helped by Barbara Nyagomo to seek asylum through dubious means a habit Nyagomo is well known for in Britain, and that could be one reason why Martin Da William Chinyanga is always ready and available to stand in as Nyagomo’s reign of terror voice ever since Barbara became ZAPU-Europe vice chairperson.

The rogue ZAPU official who is ZAPU Shadow MP for Makoni West is said to be manager of Viomak’s well known hater ZAPU-Europe Vice Chairperson Barbara Nyagomo,the woman who among other evil things which include running a false dossier about Viomak in order to tarnish her image, became negatively popular after running a smear campaign against girl child rights activist Betty Makoni.The smear campaign which saw Barbara misinforming the public that Girl Child Network Worldwide (GCNW) had transferred donated funds for an ill Zimbabwe girl  into a private account became a big issue and shameful issue after Viomak exposed her lies leading Barbara to pull down a petition that she was running to implicate Makoni. Since that time Barbara has not stopped hating Viomak.

The publicity thirsty Martin Chinyanga Da William who was recently quoted promising to call Home Office to have Viomak deported to Zimbabwe has promised to send a virus to Zimbabwe Online Press because  it carries adverts of the aspiring woman president Viomak, who Martin Chinyanga Da William feels is a threat to Barbara.The adverts on some Zimbabwe online papers have given some people the impression that  Viomak owns the papers giving her haters the opportunity to spread more lies about her.

Responding to an opinion originally published on Nehanda radio and aggregated by Zimbabwe online press in which the author Everjoice Sibanda mentioned that Barbara Nyagomo is a publicity hungry clown “who tried to become famous by accusing Girl Child Network founder Betty Makoni of misusing money which her own GCN organisation helped to raise for a girl from Zimbabwe who had a tumour that needed operating in the UK,” Da William got the wrong  the impression that it is Viomak who wrote the opinion and he went on to write a message below on the comments section of the news site.

“27 November, 2010 04:09:59 Dawilliam - Viomak destroying betty makoni.Viomak you are very stupid.now u are destroying betty with your online paper, i will sent virus on it , stupid.ziva zvekucampaign for zidele, leave the ZAPU affairs alone, indava usina hunhu kudaro (why are you uncultured) instead of you to to continue with the good cause of denouncing zapu, you are creating enermies everywere, how will you lead us, if you sound a venomus snake like this.Barbara is going to be the future woman president of zimbabwe, she is self gifted by God, you can't remove that tell me why are you ever attacking her “

About three weeks ago Viomak’s music website was hacked a few days after she exposed ZANUPF Bongani Gumbo to be a CIO after which he confirmed that he was going to inform well known ZANUPF notorious terrorist Minister Didymus Mutasa of Viomak’s anti -Mugabe work.

This is not the first time Martin Chinyanga Da William has harassed Viomak .Before Viomak blocked him on face book a few months back,the ZAPU official was making it a habit to post sponsored provocative comments on her wall giving the impression that he was acting under someone’s instructions  .Viomak said at that time she was not aware that the man was working  in cahoots with Barbara Nyagomo but she could tell that the man had a hidden agenda as he created a very intimidating environment for her.

Concerns over Viomak’s safety continue to rise as the ZAPU team of internet terrorists allegedly masterminded by Barbara Nyagomo continues to harass and intimidate her in a bid to stop her from focusing on her  human rights work and political vision. The reign of terror team include Masimba Julius Musodza who as spokesman of One Million Zimbabwe Voices ,an organization said to have been formed by Barbara Nyagomo supports Barbara’s smear campaigns. Qubekani Ndlovu a close ally of Barbara Nyagomo who became popular after spreading lies that Viomak had sent thugs to kidnap her in Zimbabwe, Charlton Tsodzo who declared that he supports team Qubekani and later went on to force one Zimbabwe editor not to publish Viomak’s stories,and Jordan Khumalo a confirmed ZANUPF CIO said to be residing in Leeds UK and  popular for supplying false information to Qubekani Ndlovu that was then used by Barbara Nyagomo to come up with a smear campaign dossier against the anti-Mugabe singer  .

As the Barbara Nyagomo sponsored terror team targeting Viomak is continuously becoming a shame on facebook it has become obvious that the team is bent on destroying the outspoken activist whose aspirations to become Zimbabwe woman president are gathering momentum amid her haters’ malicious lies which are losing momentum as many people now know that Barbara and her team are on a mission to destroy her. 

However, their efforts to destroy the anti Mugabe singer cum activist are being thwarted as the activist is always ready to expose their dirty scheme.

Barbara Nyagomo and Martin DaWilliam Chinyanga are definitely tarnishing the reputation of ZAPU–Europe which is already on record for harbouring rogue leaders including the party president Dumiso Dabengwa who is a well known former ZANU PF terrorist.

An online newspaper a few days ago reported that,” a catastrophic political crisis could once again rip apart ZAPU-Europe following reports that the newly elected provincial executive has become dysfunctional with knives out on chairman Arthur Molife’s alleged clumsy leadership skills which is blamed for ruining the party.”

“As a result, there is an urgent call to dissolve the province and call for fresh elections “ the paper reported and quoted a ZAPU member in Leceister saying,

“ZAPU has made a mistake by electing Molife a man who has a lot of baggage which he brings into  ZAPU. There is a lot that should be questioned about Molife dating back to many years”.

Barbara Nyagomo who is working hard to build new titles for herself as an internet terrorist and smear campaigner champion , was elected as  ZAPU-Europe Vice chairperson  amid accusations that together with her  partner Mike Mambo  they   took by force a company ABSAR(employment agency) from the Kutiwas and the Kutiwas are now running a different company A-Best Recruitment Ltd.

ABSAR is said to have been  taken to court by clients for tax misunderstandings and misrepresentations and this subsequently led to fraud criminal charges levelled against the company and owner.

In the meantime reports say the well known smear campaigner and malicious liar Barbara Nyagomo was miraculously elected as ZAPU-Europe vice chairperson unfairly as not many regular ZAPU supporters knew her amid revelations that she bulldozed her way into the party. Some close sources who know her are said to have confirmed that the woman is a money monger who hops from one organisation to another in search of survival as rumours that the house that she shared with her husband was legally attached so as to pay the clients who were duped by ABSAR.

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