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Alleged ZANUPF spy in the Netherlands, Stephen Matenga mounts smear campaign against Viomak


Some media houses that have been following with interest the “Facebook attacks and smear campaign on aspiring Zimbabwe woman President Viomak by suspected ZANUPF spy Netherlands based Stephen Matenga” have confirmed that they will be publishing his comments and emails as they get to them.

They have reported that the unwarranted and unprovoked attack on Viomak was motivated by the fact that she is working on forming a political party. Since 18 July 2010 the outspoken protest singer cum activist has been harassed and terrorised by the rowdy former Harare polytechnic college leader typical of ZANU PF terrorists who are well known for using terror to silence opposing voices .The Southern African country like many other African countries has large numbers of men who always make sure that outspoken women are silenced.

Undeterred, the outspoken activist who will be the second Zimbabwe woman to form a political party after Margaret Dongo,confirmed that she will not be silenced by Stephen and is ready to use all means available to her to make sure that the Netherlands based terrorist is not allowed to succeed in using his terror tactics against her .

Stephen Matenga who boasted to Viomak that he is not in the Netherlands on Asylum or as a Refugee explained that he is in the Netherlands according to the International Right of Freedom of Movement and added that he is not in the Netherlands to sacrifice his country and so he remains a Zimbabwe passport holder and will die a proud Zimbabwean.

Published below are Stephen Matenga’s unedited messages to Viomak.

“VIO MAK: Violence Maker: You want to fan hatred and division among Zimbabweans in the Diaspora. You started by insulting people from Matebeleland as a tribe, then you went on with your careless talk about the sensitive Gukurahundi issue, insulting people, threatening people, reporting and deleting others. You want to chaos and division because thats how best your self- centred interests are served. Zimbabweans have their differences but they remain united at home and abroad.

You want to control them through creating a series of websites (including a wiki page which we are going to edit with immediate effect) propagating lies and hatred, conning inncent people of money in the name of CHARITY, trying to portray yourself as a hero of the struggle for democracy in Zimbabwe, a stuggle that you never participated in except through self-written articles about yourself and a team of fellow crooks whom we now know and how they benefit from associating with you. The people you have threatened with physical and legal violence are enough.

There is no charity work you are doing , you are not a protest artist but a con-artist. I invite you to feel free to threaten me the way yu have always done it and hire your thugs as you have done to Zenzele. Continue writing your articles through your mono-focal sites, continue insulting me and al who differ with you, tichana kunowira tsvimbo nedohwe. And when the time comes we will tell you who you are, if you think you are VIOMAK. If you can send thugs to harrass people in Zimbabwe as they did t Zenzele, how then can we differentiate between Mugabe men and your men? Is that the CHARITY you do in Zimbabwe? If not so which CHARITY are you doing? YOU CAN FOOL SOME PEOPLE SOME OF THE TIMES BUT NOT ALL PEOPLE ALL THE TIMES. remember, after some thunderstorm, it will rain. the curtain will come down and the sun will set. The long rope will come to an end and VIOMAK will be unmasked. 

I have NO intention to report you anywhere. All i need from you are simple answers, fullstop. Just answer my questions, dont be jittery, isa hana pasi, sangana nemubvunzo chete. I didnt say i want to report you, i said if you are coming to visit me, then there is no reason to answer here, but if you are coming to report, then there is no reason why. you can not answer now since we may not meet. Its clear you are coming to report not to visit, so JUST ANSWER VIOMAK, its so simple. I dont need those email addresses, i have them already from the website. I have nothing to thank you for, nor to apologise or regret about my position.

YOU ARE AN INTERNET CROOK pausing as a PROTEST musician, singing for CHARITY. What charity are yo4 talking about? So answer the simple questions about your CHARITY work. Why are you struggling to stand on two feet now, where is all that verve you had at start? didnt i tell you that the long rope will come to an end? Didnt i even tell you the steps you will take, from insults, threats, news articles, legal action, violence and maybe uroyi, i told you.

Nw you are talking about threats of legal action thinking that Dutch law is run by hand-picked-from-the-blue-Editors-in-Chief of a spamsite like yours? You are moving to violence now. You are so hurt that you wish you can send me people to deal with me, you now want to delete me because you cant stand me (your usual trait) (predictable), Thats the Freedom of Expression you caim to be a guru of? Shame unto you.

So you think if you threaten to remove me i will not ask you TO SIMPLY ANSWER THE QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR CHARITY FOR STRUGGLING ZIMBABWEANS? sangana nemubvunzo VIOlence MAKer. I dont mind if you remove me, you will still get my postings one way or the other, i wont be insulting you as you do, i will just ask you to be ACCOUNTABLE to the Zimbabweans you say YOUR CHARITY WORK is helping. Tisu  maZimbabweans acho tiudze CHARITY yauri kunyepera varungu pa internet uchiti uri kutiitira. INTERNET  CROOK. BE ACCOUNTABLE PRESIDENT VIOLENCE MAKER...ANSWER THE % QUESTIONS I ASKED YOU, (ONLY THAT). Hatisati tatanga hedu, pamunonetera nd patichatangira. See you one way or the other but SISONKE...NAYE... 


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