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Zimbabwean so called artist Novell Zwangendaba calls Zimbabwe protest singers dogs

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An unprovoked Zimbabwean so called artist Novell Zwangendaba has called Zimbabwe protest singers time wasting dogs.

The so called artist who is said to have won the Global Young Social Entrepreneurship Award 2007, as well as being shortlisted for the Innovator of the Year 2008 and also being selected among the Top 10 in the YSEI Awards got into the unprovoked tirade whilst commenting on a video posted by protest singer Viomak on facebook. The video on a song called NdiMugabe (It is Mugabe) by Chokwadi blames Mugabe for destroying Zimbabwe.

Novell Zwangendaba, who is suspected by Viomak to be on a personal mission to discredit her work after being irked by her song gukurahundi posted the gruesome hate message below on facebook.

“ Vamwe vanhu vanoshaya zvekuita, protest this protest that , and all that nonsense, kusvikira vachena choya vachingoprotester. I wonder kuti vamwe vanhu vanoiwana kupi nguva yekutambisa posting nonsense on the facebook. If Mugabe is to blame, where were you zimbabwe yacho ichiparara? In self imposed exile? Bogus! Ndeipi Zimbabwe yacho yakaparara? Kunyepa, imbwa dzevanhu! (Some people have nothing to do, protest this protest that, and all that nonsense, until their pubic hair turns white still protesting. I wonder where some people get the time to waste posting nonsense on the facebook. If Mugabe is to blame, where were you when Zimbabwe was being destroyed? In self imposed exile? Bogus! Which Zimbabwe has been destroyed? Lying, you dogs.

Viomak who expressed shock at the comment explained that she came to know of Novell Zwangendaba’s name in 2008 from a Zimbabwe Standard newspaper reporter Vusumuzi Sifile-Sibanda. The singer whose stories are banned by the Zimbabwe Standard newspaper for suspecting Vusumuzi Sifile-Sibanda to be a CIO is convinced that the comment is a personal agenda.  

When Vusumuzi communicated to Viomak that the Standard had decided to ban her stories he told her that Novell Zwangendaba was involved. Vusumuzi explained to Viomak that Novell had told Vusumuzi the news that Viomak had suspected Vusumuzi to be a CIO. In an email to Vusumuzi at that time Viomak indicated that she didn’t know who Novell Zwangendaba was until she searched his name on the internet. There was no contact between Viomak and Novell Zwangendaba until Novel commented on Viomak’s post.

Whilst facebook is helping banned Zimbabwe artists to showcase their work the platform is also exposing the artists to Mugabe’s CIO’s and underground personal haters like Novell Zwangendaba.The past few weeks on facebook saw Viomak fight a deadly tribal smear campaign battle  that saw her file criminal charges against two Ndebele extremists Zenzele Ndebele and Shalton Yotham Ngwenya.

Responding to Novell Zwangendaba‘s unprovoked attack the out spoken protest singer cum activist who has lived a life of verbal abuse attacks and threats told Novell to “Also tell those who are protesting about gukurahundi to stop. Where were they when Mugabe was killing their relatives? I wonder where they get that time to waste. There are protest songs by Ndebele guys on my profile. Can you please go and tell them to stop protesting.”

With those befitting sarcastic words Novell Zwangendaba who boasts of being a performance artist, designer, entrepreneur, and environmentalist chose to delete Viomak from his list of Facebook friends instead of responding to her comment.

“Such unprogressive comments by Novell Zwangendaba are not expected from someone who is said to have won a UN-sponsored artist against poverty awareness campaign (AAPAC) award. Protesting is the norm in a society like Zimbabwe where human rights are not respected. Anyone who denies us the right to protest is as evil as Mugabe.”Said Viomak.

South African based Novel Zwangendaba is quoted on the internet as a co-director of the Harare-based ethno-design label Black Scissors as well as founding director of the Music for Peace Foundation who likes to lend his hands to the needy, and give his heart to worthwhile human enterprises as they arise.

Viomak maintained that Novel’s unprovoked abusive comment which gives a different impression of the kind of person he purports to be on the internet was a personal agenda aimed at causing unnecessary tribalistic havoc. Ever since the defiant singer successfully defeated a group of Ndebele tribalists who took her to task over her song gukurahundi she has seen a rise in the number of Ndebele men who add her as a friend on face book only to show their agenda when they comment on her posts. However many of them end up deleting her or blocking her from their friends’ list.

This is not the first time Zimbabwe singers have used protest music to voice their concerns. When the arms struggle in Rhodesia started in 1966, the music industry experienced changes in the form and content of music. According to Viomak, as the political crisis deepened, a few musicians adopted a more revolutionary stance in their music. Protest music became a popular genre which spoke on behalf of the oppressed voiceless blacks. Protest music has also been used in many countries as a way of resisting bad governance and other ills in society.

According to Viomak’s protest movement website, protest music is a powerful vehicle for learning because it has not only melody but actions meaning that it is here to stay with us unless the political scene in Zimbabwe changes for the best.


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