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Viomak reveals email communication exposing Zenzele Ndebele’s facebook smear campaign

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Recent ugly facebook scenes that saw protest singer Viomak report Ndebele extremists Zenzele Ndebele and Shalton Yotham Ngwenya to police after victimizing and threatening her over her gukurahundi song became more suspicious after Viomak revealed the email communications between herself and Zenzele.

The emails show that the protest singer cum activist who is also into promoting Zimbabwe protest artists offered to help Zenzele publicise his gukurahundi short film among other revelations.

The gukurahundi song saga has since been proved to have been “a smear campaign, a dirty ploy by frustrated tribalists who are quick to pounce on any Shona who dares to mention that Lobengula was a human rights abuser”.Ever since the malicious attacks started,Viomak explained that the group of violent Ndebeles had chosen to misinterpret her song for reasons best known to them .

Contrary to Zenzele’s posts on facebook in which he denied that Viomak helped him publicise his short film, his communication with Viomak back in 2007 and 2008 is proof that the protest singer helped him to market his film when the two agreed that the singer upload the short film on her website in addition to giving the short film to Zenzele‘s referrals.

According to the revealed emails, the protest singer who is also a philanthropist among other attributes contacted Zenzele to offer him support  and help after reading on the internet that he had produced a short film on gukurahundi. Their discussion on email got the two to agree that Zenzele was to mail the dvd to Viomak for free publicity.

“When Zenzele indicated on the phone that he won’t be able to raise the mailing charge I offered to pay the zw$80million too which I deposited in his NMB account. All I wanted was for his film to get exposure and give his work as much publicity as possible.”  She said.

After Viomak received the film on dvd she uploaded it on her website after which Zenzele referred all those who were to watch the film to her website since he could not upload it on the internet due to slow internet connection in Zimbabwe. The freedom of expression campaigner took it upon herself to help him out as the two agreed that Mugabe’s human rights abuses should be exposed.

However, it remains a mystery why Zenzele led a facebook smear campaign that was set to tarnish the singer‘s reputation and depict her as a glorifier of Mugabe’s gukurahundi when the emails she sent to him clearly state that she was 100% behind his work as she also assured him that the truth had to be exposed in addition to offering writing a song on gukurahundi to despise human rights abusers.

Viomak explained that even though Zenzele indicated in a separate facebook comment that his understanding of Shona was limited he somehow managed to understand that her song was glorifying gukurahundi after which he went on to convince his Ndebele colleagues that the lyrics of the song were glorifying gukurahundi. As Zenzele and other overzealous Ndebele extremists worked hard to convince themselves and their colleagues that Viomak was a Mugabe gukurahundi glorifier, a small number of other Zimbabweans joined in the fray only to be exposed by Viomak as her long standing enemies who were using the gukurahundi song issue to fight their own personal battles against her. She confirmed that among some of them included ZANUPF supporters (names supplied), who had long standing personal issues with her for her negative stance against Mugabe.

The protest singer reiterated that she decided to reveal the emails so that all those who were duped into believing Zenzele’s lies will see for themselves how she rallied behind him in support of his short film. As she revealed the emails the singer exposed Zenzele as an “unthankful liar who is not ashamed of telling lies when he has all the evidence that I am not a Mugabe gukurahundi glorifier. ”

An email below from Qhopheni Ndlovu received by Viomak on 18 Feb 2008 is one of the indications that Viomak was publicising the film with Zenzele’s agreement.

“Hie.I got your address from Zenzele and i visited your site. I was wondering if you could send me the video GUKURAHUNDI A MOMENT OF MADNESS via send space. I also had a listen to some of your tracks nice job you are doing there. Hope to hear from you soon.”

Viomak explained that she obliged and used send space to send the film to Qhopheni .

As the situation about her song went out of hand the overzealous Ndebeles went astray and continued to “terrorise” her accusing her of glorifying gukurahundi. Even those who had not listened to the song victimized her. This shocked Viomak who explained that their dubious claims were ill founded and driven by tribalistc agendas since Zenzele knew very well that Viomak never glorified gukurahundi.

After the ordeal which has since been reported to the police, the defiant singer decided to reveal the emails.

Viomak who has not met Zenzele in person confirmed that she didn’t know much about Zenzele until she read about the short film on the internet .The protest singer who has taken it upon herself to promote other Zimbabwe protest artists made efforts to get in touch with Zenzele since she was aware that chances of him being able to publicise the film freely in Zimbabwe were next to none. The banned singer relies on the internet to publicise her banned protest work and she also takes aboard the work of other artists who find it difficult to publicise their work due to mugabe’s repressive laws. She is currently working on a website, Zimbabwe Protest Movement that promotes Zimbabwe protest artists.

After failing to get hold of Zenzele through  a South African number that she came across on the internet she wrote a Zimbabwe based journalist an email asking if he could help her locate Zenzele.On 24 December 2007 the journalist (name supplied) helped Viomak with Zenzele’s contact details. After receiving Zenzele’s  contact details Viomak immediately got in touch with him on the phone supplied after which she also wrote the email below to him,

“Hello there,This is Viomak .How are you getting on? I'm doing great except for the fact that my heart bleeds for Zimbabwe every now and then. I’m trying to get hold of Zenzele.If this email gets directly to you Zenzele may you please advise.Thanks a lot.Sis”.On 28 December 2007 Zenzele responded to Viomak’s in an email below, “Hie hope you are doing fine, am ok.Sori  for the late response  i was in the rural  area. This is my email address you are not lost. You can also visit my website www.zimpatriot.com ”.On the same day 28 December 2007, Viomak went on to reply to Zenzele’s response in an email below ,“Hey I am very relieved. Thank you for replying. I hope people are in peace in he rurals. I read that you were in and about from Mugabe's thugs. I got so worried. The thing is I read an article on free muse when you mentioned my name etc but I had no idea who Zenzele Ndebele is. Then I read articles that you were being threatened and your name rang in my mind. I got so worried. I googled your name and came across a South african cell number. I texted looking for you but there was no reply.I called some byo numbers, and there was no reply. I saw an article written by (name supplied) and I wrote him asking for your details. He gave me two email addresses and phone numbers. Thank God. I was really worried. Keep the fire burning my brother and please remain safe.If there’s anything you think I can do to help please don’t hesitate to ask if I can be of help .We need protests from all angles. Continue exposing the truth.I just visited your site. Great .I came across it sometime back after I read about the documentary on gukurahundi, but didnt know you were behind it. I wish I could sing Ndebele I would do a song on gukurahundi. Honestly I would love to do that.I will see if Lucky Moyo can help.Talked to him concerning other business issues two weeks ago. Believe it or not I was just worried and thought of getting in touch to see if all was well with you.I salute protest artists and I hate to see them being threatened etc.My wish is to see them rise above the rest.So like I said earlier on don’t hesitate to get in touch if you feel I can be of help.Is the DVD on sale? How are you selling it and how much is it? Am praying for you.Please always look behind your shoulder hey. Zimbabwe still needs you.God bless.Sis.

On 31 December 2007, Zenzele responded to Viomak in an email below sharing his views about his short film and his interest in marketing Viomak’s music.

“Thanks a lot for your word of encouragement.You can actually do a song on gukurahundi in shona coz i believe the message as to go  in all languages.The greatest challenge i have faced is that when i talk about gukurahundi people think that am a tribalism .Its not only the Ndebele people who were affected. Am back in town after talking a break in the rural areas where i felt a bit safe and am ready to work even harder. Am not selling the dvd i was just giving it to people with the hope that they will copy it and distribute it to friends. I want as many people as possible to know about gukurahundi and the evils of the Mugabe regime. I wish is to get the dvd all over the world and in film festivals that what am working on. If possible pliz send me your cd coz i also do radio programmes then package them on tape and distribute them in my community. I t will be good to play your songs in some of my programmes.Once again thank you so much for getting in touch.”

Zenzele’s email above is different from what he posted on facebook at the height of the failed smear campaign in which he told his colleagues that Viomak‘s music had been banned in Zimbabwe because it was a health hazard.

“When some men are defeated by women they become a threat to their own words”. Said Viomak.

Viomak went on to reply to Zenzele‘s email and offered him her support confirming that she was 100% behind his gukurahundi short film. In an email below the singer started by wishing Zenzele all the best and explained to him her plans to have an internet radio (which is already set up) when she wrote,

“Happy new year and I wish you all the best. You welcome. Sure, if you can give me your address so I can mail you my cd's. Thank you. Yes people have to be politically conscious. What radio programme is that? Thats good .Im also planning to have an internet radio station cause Mugabe doesnt want with our airwaves. Is it possible that you mail me your DVD so I will spread the word from here and also on my website.Word has to spread. I understand what you mean about people labelling you a tribalist .That's what some Shonas say.Some people can be very discouraging and negative.Some say all sorts of things about me as well.Just move on and please ignore them.Believe me what you are doing is very good for us all Zimbabweans.We are all Zimbabweans and God's children.Zimbabweans should learn to work together as one.I taught at Eveline high school and Founders high school in Bulawayo and honestly I didn't have any problems with anyone.I fail to understand people who say Ndebele this Ndebele that.Its very sad.Will compose a Gukurahundi song after watching your documentary for my 4th album .Remain blessed and please don't give up.The truth has to be exposed.I am 100% behind you.Sis

Some of Viomak’s well wishers declared that the whole saga is a gender sensitive attack on the outspoken protest singer. Some have viewed it as a cowardice tribalistic attack aimed at silencing anyone who refers to the history of Zimbabwe during the 1800 era.

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