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Defiant protest singer receives disturbing message exposing Zenzele Ndebele as an arrogant spy


Defiant protest singer Viomak has received an advisory message to scare her off Zenzele Ndebele who has been described as a mole sent to mislead people.

The message received from a user who registered a facebook account for the purpose added the singer as a friend and the user is said to have one friend only,Viomak. This comes ahead of Viomak's press release that put to rest a false claim that Zenzele Ndebele had survived a kidnap attempt in Bulawayo.

The message

I have been following your cyberspace fight with Zenzele Ndebele with interest because I thought finally he got is match but i had to write to you this note because sisi marasika.I worked for the Zimbabwe security ministry for more than 15 years and my last ten years i was based in Bulawayo .I know the boy you are talking about not from face book but we had to deal with him on daily bases and i have a bit of information on him.

I have been following your music and i like what you are doing. Actually it is Zenzele who made me know about you because i used to monitor what he was up to and i first saw your name when he wrote about you on freemuse. That was when i looked for your songs and i admire your courage.

My sister leave that boy , he is arrogant, crafty, rude, and a front for other people.Zenzele ‘s father is related to the Ndebele family that is a connected to Zanupf.Am talking of people like Cyril Ndebele former Speaker of Parliament ,Sobhuza Gula Ndebele former Attonery General(Pliz note this man was the military intelligence officer of the 5th Brigade .)There is also Sithembiso Nyono nee Ndebele and a businessman Evans Ndebele (Who is believed to be the real father of Zenzele and he fathered him out of wedlock then Zenzele was brought up by Evans’s brother).You will also remember than Evans is causing problems in Zapu because he was deplored to destroy that party and he is the guy who tried to run Zimbabwe express airlines.

For some strange reason Zenzele is in good books with both MDCs .Morgan Tsvangirai was the guest of honour when he launched his Dvd in Bulawayo with most of his top official.Am told when Own Maskeo was arrested he quickly phoned Welshman ncube.Ans when he says in his story he will meet the Mdc leadership take him serious coz he he will do it.Zenzele is the only person who has been able to show hi s gukurahundi in Zimbabwe. Bulawayo and Harare. Most people have been arrested or their shows canceled. Even dramas on gukurahundi are not allowed. So how did Zenzele show his film.Why was he not stop[ed.? Ask yourself that question. Why has he not left Zimbabwe if his life was in real danger because his family is rich they can afford to sent him to Europe or America just like his brothers and Sisters who are all over America and Europe.

All what am saying my sister is if you are the one behind his story of abduction be careful you are putting the lives of those people you sent in danger.Zenzele is crude .He is good at winning the people on his side and getting sympathy just like he has done with this story on his abduction .A bully is now playing victim and he is enjoying the publicity.You just gave him cheap publicity believe me he will use it to his full advantage . If you want to sort him ask him about his family, he doesn’t want people to know the truth about that. Ask him his links with the Ndebeles in ZANUPF.

Get journalists to expose his background thus the only way to deal with him.He has a lot of supporters on the gukurhundi issue because most people genuinely see it as a wrong and anyone who talks about it the people will support him even thugs like Zenzele and as a journalist himself he will get better publicity and play the victim when he is an extreme tribalist using his ZANUpf links .So dont use that you wont win actually you will give him mileage.

Very soon you wil see him wining an Award.Its not surprising that it was Admore Tshuma who wrote that story a ZANUPF person and well known Mugabe supporter.Be careful because if that boy wrote about your music you don’t know how much he knows about you. He can really put your life in danger .Worse if your family is in Zimbabwe.That boy will terrorise you and play victim . I suggest you deal with him carefully. Am worried if you send people to him .Probably they called him and if he has their numbers he will track them.

On several occasions we were instructed not to do anything to him. He has never been arrested although he spends most of the time insulting Mugabe, getting involvement in anti Mugabe activities.

Find out about a police officer called Tavengwa from drill wall in Bulawayo who tried to arrest him for insulting Mugabe. The guy was himself arrested and charged with working for the MDC. As I speak he is jobless leaving in Murewa.If I get his number I will email it to you. He will give you first hand information about Zenzele.

That boy is a mole sent to mislead people .Be careful

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