February 2009 saw Voices of the Oppressed (VOTO), an organisation run by protest singer cum political activist Viomak, spearheading a campaign seeking to have all MDC GNU leaders declare their personal assets in a bid to hold Zimbabwe leaders accountable as a way of combating and monitoring corruption.

Viomak releases Supreme Leader protest album to escort Mugabe to the land of Kings

On 27 February 2010, President Mugabe’s 86th birthday celebrations will be held in Bulawayo, the land of Kings and protest singer Viomak is escorting the Supreme leader with the release of her 6th protest music album Happy 86th birthday President R.G Matibili (Supreme Leader).
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The Glass Fortress: Zimbabwe’s Cyber-Guerrilla Warfare

Contrary to the gun battles we are accustomed to, we now have cyber-warfares fought from one’s comfort zone, be it bedroom, office, swimming pool, etc but with deadly effects. —Dr. Olivia Muchena, Zanu (PF) Secretary for Science and Technology
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Zimbabwean singer packs protest punch

Viomak's velvety voice drifts through the air like a lullaby on a gentle breeze. But her protest songs pack a punch which could mean jail for anyone caught listening to them in her native Zimbabwe.
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Currency reform mocked

The Government of Zimbabwe may think it has set its foreign exchange market on the right track by revamping the local currency, but there are those who beg to differ.
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Should banned singers have their own news sites?
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